About Noire Salon

At Noire Salon, we pride ourselves on providing excellence in natural hair care, nail care and client satisfaction.


8225 Georgia Ave, 2nd Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm
Saturday, 10am – 3pm

By appointment only.


Noire Salon’s most important asset is the client. We pride ourselves in affordability, courtesy, timeliness, and quality. Consistently making a positive difference in the lives of everyone we meet. As a result, the client adds to the growth of Noire’s by repeat business, referrals and building lasting relationships.

Noire’s staff is the heart and soul of the business. Our attitude, performance, knowledge and determination to pursue our careers with excellence, ultimately influence the amount of success we achieve. We are well trained, professional, and highly skilled.

Featured on Smithsonian.com. Read full article here.

Camille’s work makes the cover of Essence Magazine’s Hot Hair Issue (October 2011). See red afro model and client, Anessa, in the upper right hand corner. Photography by Jati Lindsay. Click photo to enlarge.

Model and client, Michele, lands a spot on page 75. Photography by Jati Lindsay.